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Re: Parts preview catalog
I would also LOVE this feature.

(a) parts.lst ---> parts.ldr
LDView currently can export a list of parts used in a certain model,
so if we could get a simple conversion tool from the text file parts.lst to a parts.ldr
"all parts in 1 scene" file, then that part list would be easily there.
Instead of writing a conversion tool, it probably would be a better idea to give mklist.exe an option
to output parts.ldr instead of parts.lst

(b) LDView
Maybe this even could be incorporated into LDView itself, so you can directly produce
a printable parts list (HTML or PDF) from the parts.lst file.
Optimally, that part list would be grouped by !CATEGORY.

© mklist.exe
Writing this, I think it would be a good idea IMHO to extend mklist.exe.
It currently can only sort "by part number" or "by part title". I would like to see
"sorted by category", and inside each category "sorted by part title".

(d) LDView, again
Writing this, I would, independently from the issues above, like to have an option
in LDView's parts list to get it sorted by category.

I've attached to this post a *.ldr file converted from the 2012-02 parts.lst file.
I just tried to look at the resulting parts list from LDView.
Unfortunately, it refers to images which mostly do not exist.
Better would be to point to the official images rendered on the server probably.

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