190145 Sticker Yellow Box with Arrows

190145 Sticker Yellow Box with Arrows
I haven't spend long time with LDraw. If summed up, it would probably be few days total, despite the fact that I discovered it over 4 years ago (or more? but I only remember BlockCAD before). Yet I'm still amazed by this whole project, who was started by Mr. Jessiman: thousands of parts made by dozens of people, all for free. Whenever I benefit from such thing, I try to say "thank you" by contributing, at least a little. And what's better than a new block?
As if the strict quality requirements weren't enough, I was completely put off by the unique format and tools required (I hate the fact I can't import files from popular 3D/2Dvector editors). I do have some basic experience with 3D modeling, but this format/tools mean steep learning curve, and when I finally get there, it's not very useful to put in resume (in contrast to 3DStudio etc.).

Now lo and behold what happens to your brain when you're unemployed... I've started working on a missing sticker!


For my mobile crane. At least one more set uses the same.

Maybe it's just temporary insanity (and can be cured), so I don't promise I'll finish it.

[Image: 190145a.png]

*I don't have this sticker/set. I'm using this peeron image for reference, scaled to match width of 1x4 brick (that danger stripes sticker next to it).
*I work with MLCAD ...because I know it. That's what I liked the most 4 years ago. Don't know what's better today.
*I draw first in "normal" vector graphics editor, then copy&paste vertex coordinates.
*That sticker has transparent background, which I think shouldn't be modeled in ldraw (just the drawing).

*I assume overlapping is forbidden? (say, for outlined square: small square on big square would be so much easier than constructing an outline from four rectangles)
*Do I have to split it in half and mirror it? (because it's symmetric: 1 arrow and half a box)
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