Partial transparent parts and "needs work" note's

Re: Partial transparent parts and "needs work" note's
The only way for BFC-certified transparent parts to look consistent with non BFC-certified transparent parts is if BFC is disabled during all transparent part drawing, so I chose to do that. Of course, I added BFC support to LDView over 6 and a half years ago, and there were a lot fewer BFC-certified parts then.

Whether or not it is "wanted" is anybody's guess, but I've never had anyone complain that LDView's transparency was too opaque. However, LDView does cheat on this a bit. The default alpha value (from ldconfig) is 128, and this gets mapped to 110 in LDView. Everything below 128 is interpolated such that 0-128 maps linearly from 0-110. Everything above is interpolated such that 128-255 maps linearly from 110-255.

Note that I chose the 110 value via empirical testing (with two-sided transparent surfaces) before having ldconfig.ldr support, so the mapping was my solution to 128 being the standard alpha for transparent parts in ldconfig.ldr.
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