Working with primitives in Patterns

Re: Working with primitives in Patterns
IMHO present 4150ps5 is already pretty good!
I am not a great fan of primitives in patterns, as it is often impossible to properly match triangles to rings, you have to be very careful. In 4150ps5 you have a similar problem to match the hires ring to normal resolution part edge, I agree with Travis that overlap is the best way to do it.
Daniel Görner Wrote:I'm just asking because I'm trying to redo 4150ps5 almost entirely with primitives (I had to write some 48 primitives myself, I just hope I did it right, please check the attached files) to make it look more like the actual pattern.
No, you didn't. To have good matching between all primitives, they must all use the same rounding. I strongly suggest that you use PrimGen2 to create primitives.
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