Working with primitives in Patterns

Re: Working with primitives in Patterns
For patterned parts, I personally think overlapping would generally be better. Having said that, I suspect that this is a rare occurence. I assume that the only reason that hi-res primitives were used in 4150ps5 was due to the 6-way symmetry in the middle. Normally there wouldn't be a hi-res primitive inside a lo-res one.

It's worth noting that 4-4aring.dat has a logical thickness of 0. (Both the 48 circle and the 16 circle have a radius of 1 LDU.) And while an adaptor ring could be made that goes the other direction, it would be required to have a logical thickness greater than 0, and I suspect would be quite difficult to set up and use.

Note: I was not aware of 4-4aring.dat, so it isn't currently supported by LDView. However, it should be pretty trivial to add support, so I'll try to get that into the official 4.2 release.
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