LDPartEditor - Planning stage started

Re: LDPartEditor - Planning stage started
So, I finally uploaded the source code and some pictures...

Source Code is here:

Here is a picture of version 0.0:
[Image: 7259578574_9a1a45bf4d_m.jpg]
Version 0.0 has decent lighting and LDraw capability, but I never did get the 3D rotation and panning exactly right.

Here is a picture of version 0.3:
[Image: 7259578340_efe77e6241_m.jpg]
Version 0.3 has the four view panes, and a parts bin, but the lighting got worse. The parts in the parts bin will rotate when you put your mouse over them. That really helps to identify sub parts.

Hers is a picture of version 0.7:
[Image: 7259578454_da800374b2_m.jpg]
Version 0.7 has the ability to select parts in a model or polygons of parts to change their color. At some point the parts bin got messed up though. Lighting improved, but I'm not sure that it is correct.

Hope someone can use this. If so, please let me know.

Scott W.
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