LDPartEditor - Planning stage started

Re: LDPartEditor - Planning stage started
I began a dedicated part editor in JAVA over a year ago, but I have not had time to work on it in over 6 months. I'll upload my code to my website and you can take whatever you like from it. Here were my primary goals:

Look like MLCAD (4 views that are user selectable, parts / primitives visual menu, color chooser, etc.)
Allow plugins for add-on tools (plugins would allow the original author to maintain all rights and hide their source code)
View screens would have layers (top layer for part author, lower layer(s) to underlay picture of the real part, ldraw grid, etc.)
Grid-based click to create / move line ends

With these goals, I hoped to get others to create the plugins (hoping for all of Philo's tools in an MLCAD-like program)
Open source, so that when I got too busy, others could take over :-)

I got pretty far along, but not enough to post anything. I'll try to upload tomorrow night and you can have what you want, or just see what limitations I encountered.

Scott W.
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