let's drop the 64 chars part title limit, please

Re: let's drop the 64 chars part title limit, please
You are describing the opposite extreme, using overly long titles.
There is something in the middle.

I am also aiming at the human readability. Here are examples from official parts
where the enforcement of 64 characters spoils that:

(a) unwanted abbreviations:
"Animal Dragon Oriental w. Chr.Gold Head and Tr.Red Wings (Comp.)"
should be
"Animal Dragon Oriental with ChromeGold Head and TransRed Wings"
, because (a) the "(Complete)" suffix is superfluous anyway,
and people searching for "TransRed" currently will not find this part,
as well as people searching for "ChromeGold".
Another example:
"Technic Brick 2 x 2 w/ Hole, Click Rot. Hinge (H) and Socket"
will not be found by people searching for
"Click Rotation Hinge".

(b) unsystematic spaces
Currently official are "Electric_9V Battery Box ..." parts and "Electric__9V Battery Box ..." parts.
I have illustrated the 1 and 2 spaces here with underscores.
The 1 space variant does so to squeeze its title into the 64 chars limit.
This way, it does not get sorted properly anymore by mklist.

So you probably get the picture. I am not asking to allow ridiculous long stories
as titles. I just want to be able to spell out all relevant title words as needed,
so they can be found.
And I want proper sorting. I find the rule "use double spaces in front of single digit numbers _sometimes_" in the title
a little old-fashioned, but when you have cast a view into file parts.lst, sorted by description, you begin to like it.
That sorting is spoilt by arbitrarily leaving away the spacing due to the 64 chars limit.

I think the PT admin will automatically keep an eye on ridiculously long titles on the PT.

And since there's no technical limit anymore (I think LDEDIT had problems, but not nowadays software),
in my opinion we should _drop_ the limit.
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