Re: line endings in LDRAW files (CRLF vs. LF vs. CR)

Re: line endings in LDRAW files (CRLF vs. LF vs. CR)
Orion Pobursky Wrote:That said, I may have missed the relevant discussion but why are we moving this into the spec at all? Isn't the restriction on official parts good enough? When I wrote the original draft for 1.0.0 I tried to leave the actual text file portion as open as possible. Not to mention that the end user isn't going to care about line endings if they create or edit an LDraw file in a non-LDraw text editor. If anything we should specify that any line ending is compliant and a LDraw compatible editor must be able to handle them.

In an ideal world, I would agree with you. However, I don't think that's how the ecosystem developed.

I view the spec as a means of assisting prospective developers to read and create well-behaved LDraw files. Unfortunately, a discussion of line endings is necessary to that end. For example, an LDraw program which did not read CRLF files would be useless. And an LDraw program which did not write CRLF files might produce output incompatible with other LDraw programs. I think it's fair to say there's a community expectation of using CRLF, and thus I think it's reasonable to specify using it.

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