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Hey Daniel,

the .lif files are kind of a container format.

http://news.lugnet.com/cad/ldd/?n=139 Wrote:I'd actually compare it more directly to EA's IFF (Interchange File Format)
format, first created (mostly) for the Amiga personal computer. It has chunks
and chunk headers that are very similiar to IFF. (LIF = LEGO Interchange Format,
would be my guess at the meaning, as well).

I agree with this quote. LEGO used chunks like 0001 and 0002 (...).

There was a discussion (among others) on eurobicks about the legality of extracting and sharing the content of the .lif-files. I am not a jurist nor is my english that good, that I got the result of this discussions.

http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.ph...&p=1180814' Wrote:BTW, documenting the file formats is one thing. Appropriating Lego’s data contained within such file formats is quite another – that data (the .lif contents) certainly is subject to plain old copyright. You would require written permission to reproduce it. Converting it to another format is merely a ‘derived work’ and permission is still required.

Once, Philo described a way to take a 3d screenshots of a ldd model. In the resulting .3dxml files the decorations are available too. But they are in a strange format. I did not had a closer look on them, yet...

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