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Damien Roux Wrote:
> BTW: is LGEO library dead or could we expect some update sometime?

This is a question I've been wondering about as well. Recently, I've begun to feel as though I've come to the point where my rendering skills won't improve much further unless I start looking into these "LGEO parts" I keep hearing about. Everytime I eye Koyan's epic renderings with envy (which happens several times a day), I always wonder, why can't MY renderings look this good? And the answer I keep coming back to time and time again is LGEO parts.

However, when I go to investigate them, all I can find are really old libraries and I often wonder, "shouldn't the LDraw parts have surpassed these in quality by now?" This leads me to my next question: why were these parts never incorporated into the LDraw library? Surely people as obsessed with quality as you guys would want the best in your library. And if this wasn't possible due to copyright issues, then why weren't they re-developed (or the original parts improved) to match the quality? I continually ask the question, "Why do I need two sets of parts to render a model?"

Now, to make matters worse, it seems as though the LGEO project itself is dead (or extremely dormant), and the only life seems to be from a few developers with their own private libraries strewn across half the internet. How much time would it take me to find and download all LGEO parts right now? More time than I care to put in (even though my renderings' quality would likely improve drastically).

I guess when you boil it all down, it seems like this is something that this LDraw community should take control of. I'm constantly reading around here things like "this site isn't about LEGO colors, it's about PARTS!" and "the PT is no place for models, this site is all about PARTS!" Well then, what about LGEO parts (or high-quality parts, as they are)? THEY'RE PARTS!!! So why aren't they here?
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