CRLF as official line ending

Re: CRLF as official line ending
Allen Smith Wrote:I also don't see why the file should be required to end in a newline.

Your statement here is a lot less strong than the one in your NO vote. If you had said here that BrickSmith has always omitted that final newline, I think it would have led to some discussion.

To be honest, I don't have a strong opinion of the final newline. Somewhat ironically, though, text files with no EOL at the end were historically considered to be bad in Unix. In fact, vi gives a notice when such a file is loaded, and is itself incapable of creating such files (or if it is possible, you have to jump through hoops). And text files in DOS often skipped the final newline.

I haven't yet responded to Willy's Call for Votes because of the reason you gave in your NO vote. I'd like to see what others think here.
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