Are standards for official parts too strict?

Re: Are standards for official parts too strict?
Note: in my text below, "NULL comment" means a 0 on a line all by itself.

This was discussed in early 2008 by the 2007/2008 LSC, when Chris Dee (as Part Admin, not LSC member) asked if we really wanted to disallow NULL comments, in particular regarding the one that shows up at the end of many part files. The only person in the LSC that said anything (William Howard) stated that he felt the final one should either be disallowed (which is what happened), or it should be required in all LDraw files (which he didn't feel was practical). No one else on the LSC commented further on that issue (as far as I can tell). In my personal case I believe this was because I didn't care either way, and presumably in the case of the other members it was either because they didn't care, or didn't like NULL comments.

We as an LSC were definitely aware that we were disallowing NULL comment lines in official part files, though.
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