Are standards for official parts too strict?

Re: Are standards for official parts too strict?
Philippe \Philo\" Hurbain Wrote:I feel it's really useful to have strict standards that can prevent the triggering of software bugs.

That does not make any sense. There is already a strict standard for the LDraw file format. This itselt is a 100% guarantee to prevent the triggering of errors. Any software infested with such blatant bugs that it cannot cope with correct basic LDraw syntax needs to be debugged. I see no reason for the standards for new official parts is so much stricter than for the generic LDraw files. What is perfectly legal LDraw code for older parts and for old and new models - that is, any LDraw software just got to be able to handle it correctly anyway - is illegal for new parts.

So, yes of course I agree. That's exactly why I see no reason not to weaken the parts standard, to harmonize it to the perfectly sufficiently strict generic LDraw file format. (Except of course for MPD, inline POV code, and META-statements that have nothing to do in official parts files.)

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