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Daniel Görner Wrote:Wow. I'm officially excited.
After 4 days of preparation in Photoshop it took only a few hours to finish the part. The handling of LPC is easier than I thought. The finished part looks awesome.
Yes, LPC is a great tool that I use more and more with pleasure.

Quote:And 60 KB compared to over 1 MB when I made the pattern in Sticker Generator is also not bad. So, what do you think?
I have not analysed it closely, but it does look great!
Quote:There's one question left so far: How can I select a single triangle in the middle of a lot of other triangles to change the color or delete it?
You have 3 modes depending on the objects you will be working on: vertices, triangles and primitives (shortcut F2..F4). When you are in triangle mode, and neither in add vertex/add triangle modes, just click on a triangle to select it (its border turns red). You may then change its color or delete it (Del key).
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