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Daniel Görner Wrote:Oh, and Philo, while you are here, how do I flatten a surface in MLCad?
Basically you select everything that needs to be flattened and (to flatten in y direction) set all three y transformation matrix coefficient at 0.
[Image: yttut3.gif]
(screenshot from this tutorial that can give some more insights...)

Quote:You wrote that in your guide for "projector".
Note that Projector is somewhat "deprecated", Slicerpro is the tool to use...

Quote:If I'll ever leave conception phase for my torso pattern (I'm drawing it in Photoshop with all the triangles so I already know where to put the vertexes in LPC, because PS is a program I know really well unlike LPC),
Phew :p Good luck! IMHO if you are able to master Photoshop, you should find LPC rather easy to use Wink

Quote:How do I start there. Copy the 30366.dat to a different folder and delete the subfiles, so I have just the surface left? That was the first thing that came to my mind. But maybe I'm all wrong...
Indeed, that's essentially what you need to do.
Then import the .dat file in LPC (you may need to inline everything using LDDP first). Use proper projection direction and "import projection data", this will create a template on which you draw the pattern. In this mode, LPC is even able to do the projection, but not to slice pattern at facet boundaries. But I am myself discovering this section of LPC, so I can't give much more tips...
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