Slope 45 2x2 with Spyrius Droid Image (3039px32)

Re: Slope 45 2x2 with Spyrius Droid Image (3039px32)
Let's see...

1. I fixed the last T-junction. When I run Edger 2 it shows no T-Junctions or overlaps, and the only unmatched edges are where the parts line up with each other. Which leads to...

2. I fixed the problem with Edger 2. I hadn't installed LETGUI and like a noob I didn't realize it until your last post. I installed LETGUI and it works fine.

3. I installed and ran Datheader so the header and file are now cleaned up.

Philo, I just wanted to say again thank you for all of your help. Your advice was able to point me in the right direction every time and while it will take me a while to master the authoring software, I feel comfortable using it thanks to you.

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