Slope 45 2x2 with Spyrius Droid Image (3039px32)

Re: Slope 45 2x2 with Spyrius Droid Image (3039px32)
Philip Peickert Wrote:I think I got most of the T-Junctions
Indeed, only 2 remaining (and easy to correct). These are marked as vertical and horizontal red lines in edger2 result, image below and attached file.
Edger2 also show that you have not corrected the 3 overlaps, they are marked as v-shaped lines.
[Image: edger2_result.png]

Quote:and I edited the pattern dimensions so it fits the part.
Well... almost. The images below show that it doesn't perfectly match on top and bottom. This mismatch also explains why Edger2 displays a red edge around the pattern.
[Image: top_mismatch.png][Image: bottom_mismatch.png]
Quote:However when I run Edger2 it says I have 21 unmatched edges.
Im afraid it's right... don't forget that a mismatch often result in two almost overlapping lines.
Quote:I can't figure out where they are, and for some reason Edger2 gives me an error and won't open up a new dat file with the edges marked in white.
Sorry, don't understand what you mean. Could you attach offending file?
Quote:I have looked through the documentation on both Edger and Edger2 to see where I might have screwed up the installation, and I have tried reinstalling 3 times to no avail.
Edger2 beeing a pure command line program, there is no installation needed (or you mean installation of LETGUI?). Edger might be a little more picky since it requires a working Java interpreter working on your machine.
Quote:Let me know what you think of the revisions and if you can run Edger and send me the dat file with the marked edges so I can see where they are that would be awesome. Thanks.
Here they are... Good luck Wink

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