Slope 45 2x2 with Spyrius Droid Image (3039px32)

Re: Slope 45 2x2 with Spyrius Droid Image (3039px32)
Hi Phil,

I find the pattern itself pretty good compared to the images of BL/Peeron. Now the technical issues...
There are 3 surfaces overlaps. This can be seen using LDview in random color mode, or better using Edger2. See Edger2 documentation, bottom of page. This actually detects unmatched edges that generally occur when you have overlaps, and also T-junctions. There are several T-junctions in your design, some of them could be easily avoided (but the one below the long row of dots is more difficult!)
As for fitting the slope brick (with its 45° slope), your pattern must be exactly 40 LDU wide (the width of the tile) and 20*sqrt(2)/2=14.142 LDU high. Then you can place it on the slope subpart top and rotate it 45° (make sure to put MLCad rotation point in the right spot, the hinge point!).
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