Ledge under slope bricks (very minor details)

Re: Ledge under slope bricks (very minor details)
Greg Teft Wrote:I don't think these variations are necessarily important for LDraw as the 4 LDU material thickness seems to have been around a long time, and established parts probably ought not to be updated.
Yes, the main goal is to keep LDraw system self-consistent imho.
Quote:Also, I noted once that an axle-hole should accommodate a 4LDU diameter tube, I don't know if the axle-holes had been updated to correct this or not.
Good point (I guess you mean 4LDU radius tube Wink . Problem is that thickness of axle arms are modelled at 4LDU, the real thing is closer to 4.5LDU. Changing axlehole primitives would be easy(*) but that would impact the construction of many bricks around holes. Perhaps just blunting a bit axlehole teeth?

(*) Actually the primitives would be simpler since we could use a simple eighth division of 6 ldu hole! (2*6*sin(22.5°)=4.6)
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