Need help identifying colo(u)rs

Need help identifying colo(u)rs
Merry Christmas everybody.

I am trying to define a custom LDConfig.ldr for the 10220 - Volkswagen T1 Camper Van so that it takes less time to model, however, I am having a hard time identifying the exact color of some of the parts.

Unfortunately, peeron does not yet have an inventory of the set, so I can't just get the colors from there.

I took a picture of the parts I am having trouble with next to parts of similar color for reference. I tried to take the photo in the best light possible, I can take another if necessary.
[Image: 3nB34.jpg]

Here's my attempt at identifying the colors:
  1. Known to be 14 (Yellow). Provided for reference.
  2. Slightly darker than part #1. Possibly 125 (Light_Orange) or 191 (Bright_Light_Orange)?
  3. Known to be 2 (Green). Provided for reference.
  4. Slightly lighter than part #3. Possibly 10 (Bright_Green), probably not 17 (Light_Green), possibly 74 (Medium_Green).
  5. Not in the set, I think it's 38 (Trans_Neon_Orange).
  6. In the set, I think it's 57 (Trans_Orange). Do i have #5 and #6 swapped?
  7. Pretty sure it's 70 (Reddish_Brown) but may as well ask to be sure.
  8. Pretty sure it's 6 (Brown).
  9. Pretty sure it's 46 (Trans_Yellow).
  10. Pretty sure it's 42 (Trans_Neon_Green). Do i have #9 and #10 swapped?
  11. No clue here.
  12. I've always believed this color to be 19 (Tan) but seeing #11 makes me wonder.

I tried to compare these colors against this, this (wish they were pictures), and these but I'm still uncertain, so could somebody please look at the above and let me know what is right/wrong?
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