LDraw.org 2023-02 Parts Update Now Available

RE: LDraw.org 2023-02 Parts Update Now Available
(2023-05-14, 16:12)Francisco Silva Wrote: Hey there, I started using Studio 2.0 a few months ago and I just noticed there were parts updates here, so I clicked the "Download .exe" option to "download the Windows installer for the complete library" and I managed to do everything as expected, but I just don't know where to paste/move the folder named "%CommonDocumentsFolder%". I thought I would have to replace something in Studio 2.0 files with that. I need help ;(

This is Studio 2.0's directory (system language is Portuguese (Portugal))

And these are the contents of the highlighted folder named "ldraw", which I thought I had to replace with the similar named folder within "%CommonDocumentsFolder%"

Here is "%CommonDocumentsFolder%" in Downloads, the "LDraw" folder inside and respective contents

As Willy wrote, Stud.io Forum is of more help here.

Studio uses the LDRAW library, but has its own update cycles.

You can however add parts that are either released by Ldraw or still unoffical to Stud.io. Please check here how to:


The first post in this above thread links to a repository, where the process to integrate parts is described.
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