LDraw.org 2023-02 Parts Update Now Available

LDraw.org 2023-02 Parts Update Now Available
The 2023-02 LDraw Parts Update has been released. This update adds 279 new files to the core library, including 147 new parts and 2 new primitives.

Thanks are due to all the part authors who created or corrected parts for this release. The small, but dedicated, band of reviewers also play an important role in keeping files moving through the Parts Tracker and deserve just as much credit. This update wouldn't have been possible without their dedication and attention to detail.

You can preview the new parts in 2023-02 here, and download the zip-file update or Windows install package here. Currently LDView download is unavailable due to the new server configuration. This will be fixed in the near future

This update marks phase 2 in the rollout of the new licensing scheme. In this update, parts where all the authors have agreed to new license will now be marked as CC By 4.0 only. This file are included with only the license line updated (as opposed to the the normal process of updating the !LDRAW_ORG line and adding a !HISTORY statement)

Thank you to all the beta testers and parts authors who continue feedback for the new PT software. This project would not was it is without your help.

Orion Pobursky
LDraw.org Parts Library Admin

I have noted some parts that should be listed either the notes file or the part preview are not listed as they should be. I'm working to figure out the cause of this and will manually update these file when I patch the issue.
Update: Part preview is now fixed (notes were correct). There are a few broken images but those will be dealt with shortly.
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