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(2022-10-01, 21:55)Max Murtazin Wrote: I have noticed that in some cases parts might fall apart when primitives being substituted in those with high-resolution versions. For preventing that from happening, I suggest including a meta command "NOSUBSTITUTE". What I intend, is that when put it before primitive of standard resolution, it would force that primitive to always be rendered as the standard resolution one, no matter the settings, similar to how 8\ and 48\ primitives behave, ensuring that part would appear normal no matter the settings. 

This command would be useful because it works with sphere primitices in a fine way, unlike ndis, which would only close mesh gaps, not make shape flow properly

I like the idea, as it would prevent the most egregious example of this problem, where flat minifig faces don't match the curve of the head subfile.

At the same time, I would also love to see a movement toward eliminating the problem altogether, by defining any geometry as either flat or curved and letting the displayed curve resolution be determined either automatically by the software tool, or manually by the end user.

But of course, that's a little more than you asked. Wink
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