Procedurally generating classic 80s houses

RE: Procedurally generating classic 80s houses
(2022-04-06, 6:58)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: Very nice! How is it programmed? would make a fine script for LDCad...

Thanks Smile  It's written in Java, and generates output as LDraw. It can of course be called directly using Java code, and I'm not familiar with Lua that LDCad uses for its plugins, but I believe Lua can call Java. It also has a REST API and a basic UI, written in Angular/Typescript and using three.js's Ldraw loader. It does currently need a database, which is a set of scores of for a lines of bricks with scores for studs:brick ratio and connection strength.  This does mean it has a limit on the length of walls (currently 24 studs).

This random procedural generation feature is actually an after thought. The original propose is to build models using a simple DSL language.

Both the UI and REST API are mainly concerned with the original purpose of layouting walls. I've attached a screenshot of the editor.

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