Duplicated or overlapping surfaces checker

Duplicated or overlapping surfaces checker
I'm currently trying to model a huge patterned part (2552 serie) using automatic vectorization to avoid a long and boring time working with quad2dat or other patterning programs.

In order to complete that I would like to know if there is any program that can check if triangles have been duplicated, or if some surfaces are overlapping, partially covering each other. Usually, this can be done using the random colorization of LDview, and by carefully searching for the blinking areas while rotating the part ; but in my particular case, this method is not really achievable 'cause of the number of triangles involved.

If no program exists, does someone has an idea on how this can be checked?
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Duplicated or overlapping surfaces checker - by Damien Roux - 2011-08-03, 0:11

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