Axle primitives incompatibility with HD primitives

RE: Axle primitives incompatibility with HD primitives
(2022-03-23, 15:34)Orion Pobursky Wrote: Typically, using 48 segment primitives at the small scale of axleholes is overkill. While there is no formally defined size threshold for switch over to using 48 prims (since it depends on a lot of things including visual look), the normal 16 segment prims are fine for such a small detail level.

Oh. The thing is, some software like LDView or Bricklink Studio has an option of substituting 16-primitives for 48-primitives for smoother rendering quality (which is pretty good thing to have in cases when you are making then stuff like lego renders - 16-primitives look a bit too angular with commonly used resolution like 720p, 1080p or higher. 

I originally thought that this is one of intended uses of the 48-primitives, if not then this topic is irrelevant, but I think still that it would've been good to have standardised high-resolution primitives to be universally used in the mentioned cases, and not only for bigger circular/spherical details which require use of 48-primitives to look good
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