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(2022-01-08, 20:57)Roland Melkert Wrote: I will try to add access to the vertex data (position, normal and color).
I'm wondering if it would be fast enough to do real time calculations though.

Thank you, Roland. Please don't spend too much time in this for me - in fact, at the moment the checks are very sensitive to tolerances, i.e. trade-of between false-positives and false-negatives.  Sad Some cases are just not detected correctly even though clearly colliding, which is a known problem of the triangle-comparison approach I have chosen. The currently implemented checks help me in many cases, but they are far from deserving blind trust. I would love to implement this as LDCad extension, but I'm very uncertain about the result.

If the basic idea of my current collision detection will sometimes make it into a LDCad script, it would need the triangle (not only vertex) information to check triangle intersection... I agree that it most probably will not be fast enough for real time use: at the moment, I check every triangle of a part against all triangles of all other parts, just after building some helping and very time saving bounding boxes.
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