Solved Challenging Pieces: 2557c03 and 2559c03

RE: Challenging Pieces: 2557c03 and 2559c03
(2021-12-08, 9:42)Bela Wrote: Therefore i'm here to ask if someone could try to tackle the Large Boat Hulls 2559c03 and 2557c03 from vintage pirates sets, as for these pieces, i really cannot find any possible alternatives (like i did for  2552px3)
There's naming discrepancies across different sources... Bricklink 2559c03 (brown/brown) is LDraw 2559c01 colored in brown ( Similarly, Bricklink 2557c03 (brown/brown) is LDraw 2557c01 colored in brown (
If you need different color combinations (that never existed in LEGO portfolio) you can combine top and bottom parts with the colors you need (2556/2557 for bow, 2558/2559 for aft).
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