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RE: Merge several .mpd files into one
(2021-10-12, 11:13)Milan Vančura Wrote: not working: nested mode, select all, copy&paste into new mpd. Strings were not copied, only one instance of each submodel was copied etc.
Nested select all copy paste should work (visually wise), so those are bugs.

Just checked with 5510, which worked (wheels wise) so are you sure you are using 1.6d?
The strings not going trough isn't technically a bug though, as those meta's are only allowed in a managed content subfile so they will be filtered out during the paste action into a normal subfile.
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(2021-10-12, 11:13)Milan Vančura Wrote: working but not sure it is correct solution: for each original mpd I do "File"->"Clean up"->"Add prefix", "embed unofficial".
I think this would be possible in a single click if I added "Models" to the "Embed" section of the file cleanup feature.
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