LDCad Merge several .mpd files into one

Merge several .mpd files into one
Please, do you have any ideas how to solve this task?:

I have several MPD models, complex ones (nested submodels, buffer exchange used many times, hoses and strings etc. All this already interlocked with tons of LPUB3D commands) and now I need to create new mpd with all these models together (i.e. train containing machine and wagons). I do not need to keep original STEPs in original models (wagons), I create few new steps in the result model, showing how to connect wagons.

What's the easiest way to do this, preferably in LDCAD?

So far, I tried:
  • not working: nested mode, select all, copy&paste into new mpd. Strings were not copied, only one instance of each submodel was copied etc.
  • working but hard to do: select all, reorganize->inline several times, until it does something. Manually remove everything between buffer exchange blocks (error prone). Copy&paste into new mpd.
  • working but not sure it is correct solution: for each original mpd I do "File"->"Clean up"->"Add prefix", "embed unofficial". Then, create new empty mpd (with model "main"), join this new file and original mpd files into new one (on commandline, out of LDCAD: "cat new.mpd orig1.mpd orig2.mpd orig3.mpd >m.mpd && mv m.mpd new.mpd"). Open the result mpd in LDCAD again and use "MPD submodels" section in partbin.
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