Suggestion: New Meta 0 !YEAR

Suggestion: New Meta 0 !YEAR

While reviewing I came across some parts with Type 1 and Type 2 as description qualifier.
As we can surely describe the differences it's for sure sometimes hard for the (normal) user to know, which type he has to use. (Example 1/2 Technic Bushes, which are available in 4 different types. A normal user can surely find out, that the smooth version was introduced 1998, but the other types are hard to figure out.)

Therefore I would like to suggest introducing a new meta command !YEAR <xxxx> (optional < - yyyy>), where xxxx is the year the part is introduced and yyyy is the year the part is discontinued.

This command could be used by editors as an additional filter to get the right parts for modelling.

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Suggestion: New Meta 0 !YEAR - by Max Martin Richter - 2021-10-11, 15:05

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