My Technic math puzzle of the day

RE: My Technic math puzzle of the day
(2021-10-07, 1:52)N. W. Perry Wrote: Consider the suspension assembly pictured.

I made an animation to help me visualize it, see attached zip.

Determining if the stop has gone to far is relatively easy.

So I'm thinking the solution to the main question is doable by writing the self contained formulas of the two values I compare in that test.

And then apply some substitution black magic on them to find the common angle value.

edit: minor correction (for the perfectionists)
applyColor(info.refStopper, p:getX(), {min=0, max=i:getX()-10, orgCol=7})
should be
applyColor(info.refStopper, p:getX(), {min=0, max=i:getX()-9, orgCol=7})

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