My Technic math puzzle of the day

RE: My Technic math puzzle of the day
(2021-10-08, 21:35)Roland Melkert Wrote: While trying to put this in lua I realized it won't work because you don't know the distance of A to the E'D vector (call it X).

Without that you can't split the AE'D triangle in two regular ones to get a combined length for E'D using Pythagoras

Somehow I was thinking that distance was fixed, but then the shock would be parallel to the Y axis  Big Grin

Back to the drawing board it seems...

Right, and we don't know that distance partly because angle A could have multiple values that satisfy the equation. But there must be a minimum value—one where A can't get any smaller because then D would be less than 19 from the part axes. And the length (60) of CD must somehow be a property of that condition, mustn't it? (Because if CD were adjustable then A could continue to get smaller, but it isn't.)

I think you're on the right track with translating known points onto perpendicular vectors, but maybe it has to be based on the AB and y.B vectors? If those were perpendicular, we'd have enough known triangles to solve, I think.
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