Exporting Contour Lines Along with Snapshot in LDView

RE: Exporting Contour Lines Along with Snapshot in LDView
(2021-09-23, 20:56)G.D. Grant Wrote: Even though I set LDView to display contour lines, I do not see these in the exported snapshots.
Is this even possible in LDView? In my mind, the definition of "snapshot" meant something closer to a screen capture. The only two reason I'm not actually capturing my screen and re-cropping the image later on is that I want large detailed images and I use transparent bricks.
Additionally, is it possible to get monochrome part faces (no lighting, just plain colours... as in a cartoon?)

G.D. Grant

I have no idea what you mean by "contour lines". LDView snapshots should look very similar to just taking a screen grab. They do have the added ability (with PNG snapshots) to have the background be transparent, as well as allowing you to choose arbitrary dimensions. However, since the actual snapshot rendering is done via a different mechanism from on-screen rendering, FSAA might not work for snapshots. While Antialiasing is the only setting I can think of that doesn't work, I could be forgetting something else.

In the Effects tab of LDView's preferences, uncheck "Lighting" to get solid colors. If you want outlines only, go to the Geometry tab, enable Edge Lines, and also enable "Show edges only".
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