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RE: LDCad 1.7 Alpha 1 (win+linux)
(2022-02-09, 0:17)Roland Melkert Wrote: You mean '/' which is on the keypad, and has a 'non shift' key on most keyboards.

It's together with '?' on mine, so a hot key using '?' wouldn't work as it will cause as SHIFT+'?' for me.

'\' is not on my numpad, it's only together with '|' above the enter key on my keyboard. So in my situation '|' won't work only SHIFT+'|'.

I've looked into this a little more, and it turns out that for me, it's not '+' that's the problem, it's '='. I cannot assign that key to a hotkey combination for some reason. If I assign SHIFT+'+' (which is really SHIFT+'='), then the main pad + key works. If I assign just '+', then the number pad + key works. But if I press the Sample button and hit = (without SHIFT), nothing happens. I don't happen to need this combo myself, but it is common to use = without SHIFT as a zoom in shortcut.

My issue with '/' turns out to be something else altogether: I was assigning this to collapse nodes in the Source window (this didn't previously have a hotkey assignment), and I didn't realize that to collapse the current node, you must first re-select that line, even if it's already selected. That may be by design, although it feels like a bug.
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