LDCad 1.7 Alpha 1 (win+linux)

RE: LDCad 1.7 Alpha 1 (win+linux)
(2021-12-10, 16:11)Orion Pobursky Wrote: While Roland is certainly free to do whatever he wants, I'd much rather see Stud.io change use the official METAs for this purpose. Given Bricklink's past track record in cooperating with other community projects, I'm not gonna hold my breath for that to happen though.

I agree with Orion on this.

I'm not saying I will never support it, but it is very low on my to do list.

Technically speaking their LDraw export should convert those meta's into TEXMAP ones.

Especially since their internal format is already LDraw (the thing I dislike the most of studio is the fact most of its users don't even know it's secretly LDraw to begin with).
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