LDCad 1.7 Alpha 1 (win+linux)

RE: LDCad 1.7 Alpha 1 (win+linux)
One question about scripting:

I got an idea lua scripts might help me with copying groups with their pivot point kept. And while looking around for LDCAD scripting examples, I found methods not mentioned on your Scripting API web page. Probably because lua in LDCAD evolved since the documentation was written. But what surprised me was that I could not get the list of methods by simple dump function. Are ldc objects somehow special? Or is the dump function too basic?
(I'm sorry I'm lua greenhorn, I just try to learn as I use it.)
local seen={}

function dump(t,i)
  local s={}
  local n=0
  for k in pairs(t) do
    n=n+1 s[n]=k
  for k,v in pairs(s) do
    if type(v)=="table" and not seen[v] then

function dumpLdc()
--Register macros==============
function register()
  local macro=ldc.macro('Dump ldc')
  macro:setHint('Dump ldc')

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