Rubber arrow helper and more arrows

RE: Rubber arrow helper and more arrows
(2021-07-15, 14:23)Magnus Forsberg Wrote: And when you write "rubber arrow" you mean a user bendable, flexible arrow?
Could you please make an example image of such an arrow?

Sure, this is what we discussed with Roland at the beginning of this thread: LDCAD allows users to create flexible, bendable objects (hoses etc.), I used this feature and, beside those static subparts (arrow_tip and arrow_body), I created also the LDCAD definition file for flexible arrow creation.

Users can bend the arrow both in a plane and in 3D space, a picture tells more - I added three flexible arrows: top left blue one is "flat", the other blue one (top right, around axle) and red one are bent in 3D space, you can also see how the arrow goes through a hole in a part.

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