Rubber arrow helper and more arrows

RE: Rubber arrow helper and more arrows
Thanks a lot for your help, Roland. Your version looks working better. I thought about i more and now I believe it would be useful to move the part origin to the arrow tip, for practical reasons, like in case of hinges: one usually points some place using the arrow but needs to turn the arrow then (horizontal/vertical etc.). What do you think?
EDIT: I added my proposal to the attachment. Just moved the part origin and removed the strange line I believe you unintentionally left in the file after editing.

About more parts in this category: this is my goal, too: to collect arrow helpers from different sources to one place, easy to find. I support Willy's idea about the new category in the ldraw library because other arrows are static "parts" useful in all programs, the only LDCAD specific is this rubber one. Then, the partBin in LDCAD should show both the arrow types together. I suggest the keyword "arrow" and we may also add a keyword "helper". (On my computer, this partBin shows 12 helper parts, currently.)
what's the process of creating such new category of the library? How can I help?

Note about those "static" arrows: both Willy's and Jaco's ones are "onesided" only, they become invisible when looked at from the other side. One of my improvements, while working on the rubber one, is that I added the opposite side of the arrow. I suggest doing the same for all arrow helpers before we publish them in the library.

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