Rubber arrow helper and more arrows

RE: Rubber arrow helper and more arrows
(2021-07-13, 12:07)Willy Tschager Wrote: Overall question is: Shouldn't we allow helper parts in the library so all progs can benefit?


I agree but some files are prog specific (like the rubber arrow, partBin definition). So I vote for a combination: a helper part of the library plus to add LDCAD specific files to the LDCAD directories.
In fact, this is what I have on my disc now, just the ldraw part is in the section Unofficial now.

Another question is how difficult and time consuming is to get an agreement on the helper part of the ldraw library. If it needs some time, we can put these helpers to the Unofficial part of ldraw library meanwhile (with a note they are for helpers, not for real parts - keywords set etc.).
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