Rubber arrow helper and more arrows

Rubber arrow helper and more arrows

While preparing new instructions for one customer I found a rubber arrow helper really needed. So I created one and want to let anyone use it.
I got an inspiration from the arrow helper thread and and Technic Flex Cable - so you can see I'm _not_ experienced with these LDCAD meta commands. Please, check if this is correct way how to create such arrow. What I see in LDCAD is that sometimes a gap between the end segment and a rest of arrow appears, for shorter arrows one need to shorten the "tension" of path points. Otherwise it looks good, as far as I can see. What do you think?

Then, what about to cooperate on creation of one section of arrow helpers together? So far, I found:

* straight arrows of different lengths by Willy Tschager
* arrows for rotations etc. by Jaco van der Molen
* this rubber one by me

My idea is to create a simple zip archive with all these together (including donor files etc.) and LDCAD partBin definition so anyone can find and use arrows easily: in LDCAD and, later, in LPUB3D.
In following LDCAD releases this could be a part of LDCAD distribution as another helper files.

What do you think? Willy, Jaco, Roland?

So far, I use this partBin definition, in templates subdir:


  description=Misc arrow helpers

  include keyword arrow                                                                                 

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