Proposal of new primitives

RE: Proposal of new primitives
(2022-01-17, 8:37)Philippe Hurbain Wrote: I guess t is for truncated (truncated ndis). But this could apply to any other truncated thing. Maybe tndis would be better?

For now I am the proponent and the largest user of these primitives but I have seen that others are also beginning to use them.
If no one has clearly opposed their introduction, I believe that they can now be considered accepted.

For me the name does not need to be changed.
The t was born as assumed by Philo from the word "truncated".
I don't think there can be any other way to truncate negative discs, except for the ones that I have listed below as tdis2, but which are easily obtainable from ndis and do not give real advantages.
For positive discs we already have disc and chrd, and I don't think we will ever need to introduce truncated disks: you would save a line of code to add a triangle to a chrd, a bit like for tdis2.
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