Proposal of new primitives

Proposal of new primitives
I propose the introduction of these six primitives (3 version 16 sides and 3 version 48 sides) that could solve some situations.
The example I have attached is the one with which I came up with the idea, in fact the most correct use would be for patterns with incomplete rings of different colors.
The primitives I propose come from the classic ndis to which, however, I moved the vertex of the circumscribed square to bring it to the vertical of the last vertex of the circle.

They should be quite interchangeable with the current tang primitives, but reducing the number of triangles required (partly because they are already included in the primitives and partly because their shape is more regular).

Attached Files
.dat   npeghol7-official.dat (Size: 792 bytes / Downloads: 7)
.dat   npeghol7-tang.dat (Size: 1.08 KB / Downloads: 3)
.dat   npeghol7-tdis.dat (Size: 810 bytes / Downloads: 3)
.dat   1-16tdis.dat (Size: 252 bytes / Downloads: 3)
.dat   3-16tdis.dat (Size: 340 bytes / Downloads: 4)
.dat   1-8tdis.dat (Size: 294 bytes / Downloads: 3)
.dat   48 1-8tdis.dat (Size: 475 bytes / Downloads: 1)
.dat   48 1-16tdis.dat (Size: 353 bytes / Downloads: 3)
.dat   48 3-16tdis.dat (Size: 601 bytes / Downloads: 3)
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