Automatic image creation for training AI

Automatic image creation for training AI
Hello all.

I have been wondering if there is a way to create a collection of images of a part from different angles automatically.
The only comparison I can think of is to use a Photoshop action to rotate the image, save a copy, repeat that a few times, close the part and onto the next.

I want to train a neutral network to identify Lego bricks on a conveyor, and sort them.  The standard way is to take photos from a few angles and label them. 
[Image: lego-sorter-fe.jpg?w=800]
image borrowed from here

That could take forever with the dataset I want to create, even using a handful of camera taking photos at the same time.

Does anyone know if this is possible with Ldraw?
I saw that you can go to a predetermined viewpoint and take a screenshot, seems like a good start?

I know a virtual image set won't be as accurate as taking sample photos of real bricks in situ, but I can add real photos to the dataset latter for bad matchups.

Thanks for any recommendations ?
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