Tool request: object scatter

RE: Tool request: object scatter
(2021-05-28, 1:46)Michael Horvath Wrote: You can see it working here:

[Image: 51207485841_663dcae650_k.jpg]ldview_screenshot_024.fs by Michael Horvath, on Flickr

That's 24000 trees, and LDView is not happy!

Looks great though. Makes me happy if there would be an LDraw tool that has this feature or embedded in LDCad for example.
Not only for trees, but also random parts for landscaping. We did some tests on that in LDCad using the LUA script.

Would this also be possible to create an effect like the transparent blue 1x1 plates in the Ship in a Bottle and so scatter them in a certain area?
Jaco van der Molen
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