Tool request: object scatter

RE: Tool request: object scatter
I started a thread on the POVray newsgroup:

The "clutter.mcr" script mentioned down-thread works extremely well, but does NOT play nice with `mesh` or `mesh2` objects. (Some kind of bug in the script.) Your best bet is to generate a 2D grayscale image representation of your terrain, i.e., a "heightmap" or "heightfield", then feed that into the script.

Tools such as World Machine (the one I use) can generate such images. Other programs include Wilbur and Terragen. If your image is 1 pixel = 1 stud resolution, it should work well in most cases.

I will write a tutorial when I get all the issues ironed out. (I have to convert my terrain back into the 2D grayscale image format first, since I deleted the original one by accident.) There are some examples in the discussion thread I linked to for you to look at, in the meantime.

If you are interested in the bug I mentioned, see this thread:
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