MacOS LDCad on Wine (for Mac)-revisited

RE: LDCad on Wine (for Mac)-revisited
(2022-07-20, 18:20)Roland Melkert Wrote: I could probably get the default font trough the windows api as Wine should map that automatically.

I'm pretty sure that if you asked Wine, it would give you whatever it uses as the default Windows font, which I would think would be very unlikely to match the macOS system font. You're welcome to do that anyway, and since it is a Windows app, it might be nice. I think it would make it look more like a Windows app, and not more like a Mac app, but given that it's not a Mac app, that's appropriate. I believe that Segoe UI is the current default font in Windows. However, that font doesn't exist on the Mac, so Wine presumably uses something else (maybe Tahoma?).
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