MacOS LDCad on Wine (for Mac)-revisited

RE: LDCad on Wine (for Mac)-revisited
(2022-02-11, 10:27)Manfred Kern Wrote: There are some issues trying to zoom a model.

LDCad running in wine emulator is not accepting '+' (plus symbol) for zooming in. 
'-' (minus symbol) for zooming out works very well. Strange. 
I have a MacBook Air M1 with international keyboard and British keyboard layout.

Entering '+' in a text field of LDCad (such as Prefs -> Search (library) paths) works. I think one is keyboard input in OpenGL and the other is key input  in wine windows lib (user.lib ?).

This is a bit of a pain, when you are working on a model without a mouse. Zooming with a trackpad (gently sweeping with two fingers) is staggering (sometimes it works, it works "too much", ...).
Using the wheel on a mouse is working fine.

There was a very recent thread on this, as it happens. It seems to depend on how your keyboard behaves. On my MacBook Pro, the built-in keyboard worked properly, but my new external USB keyboard with number pad does not. So I believe it's related to how the MacBook compensates for the absence of a number pad.

I ended up just changing the hotkey assignment—which any Mac user will need to do in some cases anyway (such as the lack of an Insert key, which I changed to the space bar; it really feels second nature now).
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