MacOS LDCad on Wine (for Mac)-revisited

RE: LDCad on Wine (for Mac)-revisited
(2021-06-05, 7:02)Vincent Messenet Wrote: Thanks for the detailed procedure! Now I have started my tests under Catalina.

First I was not able to do step IV: Install GUI fonts before step V. Launch LDCad because at that moment the .wine folder did not exist yet. So I had to do a first launch of wine64 to be able to do so.

Ah, good catch. I was naughty and did my test out of order, so I missed that. (I launched LDCad first because I wanted a screen shot of what happens when the fonts aren't installed, but I assumed the user would want to install them first.)

Quote:And now I'm stuck on step V... After I accept LDCad license agreement I get an error message due to an exception:
I don't really know what to do...

Huh boy…that'll be beyond my know-how. Maybe it means something to Roland? Or the folks at WineHQ…

I will say that a lot of those fixmes appear in my terminal too, and it works out just fine. So it's a little hard to tell which of these is actually the problem!
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